BA 13th Age: Shards of the Broken Sky

Episode 20: Shocking Colors

Players: Alinar, Drojan, Falgar, Sage

Picking up from where we left off, the party decided not to look closer at the portals but instead headed to the next floor up. The next floor was filled with statues that turned their heads and watched us as we entered the room. (A swirling grey portal is in this room). The party was pretty creeped out by this and quickly moved through and up to the next floor.

This floor has mirrors along the walls and a swirling red portal in the middle. Alinar studies the portal but cannot discern where it might lead. Looking closer at the mirrors, Alinar notices that the reflections are of them but they all seem a little off. In the reflections, the party members wear different clothes, maybe showing more wounds, or some even have party members missing. Falgar notices what Alinar sees and decides to throw a rope at a mirror to try to investigate what it is. As soon as the rope touches the mirror he gets a shock. Falgar quickly has the idea that there is something wrong with time here and tells Alinar. Alinar, using that information, figures out that the mirrors are somehow affecting time.

Alinar continues watching the mirrors and notices, when more party members enter the room, that one of them is reflecting images very close to what is currently happening in the actual room. Watching that mirror, Alinar sees the mirror-Alinar pull an hourglass-like object from a small secret compartment in the middle of the floor. Alinar moves to the same approximate location in the actual room and quickly finds a trapdoor. He opens the door and a Prismatic Knight (PK) appears, quickly bludgeoning him. Before retreating, Alinar grabs the object from the secret compartment.

The PK quickly pivots and goes after Drojan, hitting him with a burst of raw magical energy! Another PK appears, then immediately spins and swings at Falgar, barely missing. Falgar begins to retreat, covering the rest of the room so the rest of the party can escape. Three Blue motes manifest into Blue Electricity Elementals (BEEs). The first of them strikes at Falgar and misses. Another one starts a chain lighting attack starting at Sage, hitting him but missing when it tries to jump to Falgar. The final BEE attacks Falgar but still misses the elusive halfling. The lightning chains and heads to Alinar, but misses. Falgar calls on the party to run, and makes a beeline back down the staircase.

Drojan ignores Falgar and goes on the offensive, hitting and staggering a Prismatic Knight. Sage uses his Javelin of Faith to attack one of the BEEs and misses. Drojan gets hit hard and Alinar quickly after that by the staggered PK. Two BEEs attack Falgar, hitting him. The other goes after Sage and hits her. Seeing how the fight isn’t going the party’s way Alinar uses his dangerous breath attacks on two of the 2 PKs and 2 of the BEEs, hitting 3 and missing one. Sage fires her Javelin of Faith again and misses. One PK drops, the other still staggered. The staggered one attacks and hits Alinar for a bit of damage. Falgar returns to the fight, firing a couple of arrows and missing with both. Alinar uses his bad breath again and hits the remaining PK and the basically unharmed elemental. Drojan swings at the PK and hits with some major damage. The final PK drops, succumbing to his injuries.

The remaining three elementals attack Sage. Two of them hit, detailing some damage to him. Sage attacks the elemental that is not taking ongoing damage and uses his hammer to destroy it! Falgar attacks the healthiest looking elemental, hits it and kills it! Alinar pulls out Mr. Pokey-pokey and dispatches the last elemental with an electrical explosion!
With the enemies dispatched, Alinar looks back in the secret compartment and finds a magical cape where the hourglass was resting. Next to that is a Potion of Electrical Resistance, which is quickly handed over to Drojin since he is their Battle Sponge!

The party descends one floor to the statue room and Alinar inspects the flat solid misty grey portal. Studying the portal, he cannot figure out much about it. Sage inspects the portal and notices that the portals do not seem temporal but spatial instead. Dropping another floor the party inspects the portal and notes it is just like the one above it. Sage’s inspection makes him think they are almost identical. Meanwhile, Falgar decides to head down to the first floor to make sure no one can sneak up on them as magics aren’t his forte. The rest of the party goes down to the floor with the pounding hammers to make sure they haven’t missed anything. Alinar inspects the portal and it looks like the grey disk portals but seems to appear more silver and is closer to a perfect circle. Alinar feels a bit of a tug as magical energies are being drawn into the portal from him. He gets the feeling it might be something like a magic sink that can suck up excess energy to prevent magical explosions. Sage looks at the Hammer and thinks it says “Caution: Magical Emissions” on it. The party leaves the floor and goes down to the first floor to join Falgar. At this point Alinar realizes that the alarm he noticed when he first entered the tower has stopped.

Falgar emerges first from the tower to see if anyone is around and doesn’t notice a thing. The rest of the party heads out. The party heads south for a short time and rest to study the items retrieved from the tower.

  • Hourglass – Electrum tops and bottom, gold center. 3 rods of other magical metals. An item used in temporal control. This device, when used properly, might have been able to control the time portals in that top room of the tower.
  • Cloak – Spy Master’s cloak. It will let you teleport to any location you can see. Once per day with a 16+ recharge the next day to recharge. Need to be completely hidden to use it. If you are hidden you can use it to escape. Quirk, the person who uses this will exit conversations before they end.
  • Temporal Faceplate – Can mount on Alinar. Once a day can use Charisma instead of intelligence for a check.

The party continues its hike and stops outside the camp site of the survivors of Crownhill. Falgar steals up on the camp to see what is going on and spots a familiar face, Irkma, amongst the survivors. The party descends the hill into the encampment to find someone to talk to.

Till next time!


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