BA 13th Age: Shards of the Broken Sky

Episode 24: Set Complete

Players: Alinar, Drojan, Falgar

In which the party uses the portals to travel between the towers, setting up tripods from the Golden Tower and connecting all five.

Also, they discover on the map of the Redfield Valley that a hellhole has been opened up a few miles south of Appleton.

They end in the Tower of the Mind, a mostly invisible structure in the mountains southwest of Appleton. There they find copious notes about people exploring the time-locked zones:

  • The Dark Jester’s imprisonment was an early experiment in time-locking.
  • The Dream Princess isn’t time-locked, but is perhaps excised from time/trapped in the Dreamworld.
  • Golem and wand research was advanced by studying the battle constructs
  • Little research was done on the saurian, who were locked away for their ferocity
    *Old Tusk Mountain was once a transdimensional city that had appeared and threatened the realm
  • Details on the Orc Well are noticeably redacted; it’s unclear whether the obelisks surrounding it are to help or hinder its functioning
  • There are no time-locked hellholes


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