BA 13th Age: Shards of the Broken Sky

Episode 25: Some New Leads

Player Characters: Alinar, Drojan, Falgar, Sage

In which our heroes decide that discretion is the better part of valor, and return to the Vakefort to report to wizards of Vantage what they’ve done and seen. (Withholding certain elements, such as the magical hourglass taken from one tower, or the present of the Dark Jester’s forces.)

In enquiring after Beaman Wortt, they learn that he dropped off of communication at about the same time the party left Appleton.

The wizards offer the party leads on where the Lich King may have an interest that Vantage’s fall may make accessible. They mention some place beneath the Vakefort itself that harkens back to the first reckoning with the Lich King. They also mention a witch’s hut that had been caught up in the timelock magics near the fort, and that appears to be cycling in and out of reality.

The party heads for the tunnel beneath the Vakewall, encountering some of the One-Eyed King’s minions on the way. And tracking several more entering the crack in the tunnel wall…


mmaranda csniezek

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