Falgar Stonehearth

an antisocial halfling hunter


Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger
Level: 3

Icon Relationship: +1 Dwarf King; +1 Great Druid; -1 Lich King; -1 Dark Jester

Unique Thing: was feral for approx. 15 months as a child, and does not remember his birth name


When Falgar was only a child, he returned home from gathering mushrooms and practicing deer tracking in the woods to find zombies overwhelming his village. He searched for his family, finding to his horror that those whose bodies had not been torn apart were now shambling among the other undead. Horrified, he fled into the woods, his mind reeling with grief and shock.

He spent the next fifteeen months or so – the time is blurry – living in the woods, forgetting his comfortable childhood and becoming more and more feral each day. He took to running and hunting with a local wolf pack, able to carve out a cub-like place for himself in the pack hierarchy. His home, his family, his own name, and most especially the events of that dark day, became lost to him.

One day a caravan of dwarves passed through the forest, en route home from market somewhere, taking an unusual shortcut. The caravan’s scout caught the feral boy stalking the caravan, keeping an eye on it suspiciously yet with an undeniable curiosity. Despite the boy’s snarls and biting, they took pity on him, and opted to take him in. Trussing up the protesting lad, they hauled him back to their under-mountain home, and raised him – carefully at first – as one of their own.

He was taken in by the childless Stonehearths, who gave him the name Falgar, one they’d been saving for the son they’d never been able to have. He was a troublesome lad, never becoming truly comfortable around other people. But he was shrewd and he was quick, and became a hunter of no small skill in the lands surrounding the dwarves’ home.

But as he grew to adulthood, it was clear that his destiny lay elsewhere, and that while the Stonehearths had been kind and loving, he was still not truly one of them. He decided to seek his fortune, to perhaps find an answer or two to his past and his future. And perhaps see a measure of justice for his lost youth.

Because the only thing he remembers of that day long ago is the putrid stench of rotting flesh.

Since beginning adventuring…

  • While blackout drunk following the Beer and Cider Festival in Appleton, woke up naked in a temple. Apparently something occurred between him and Jenny Applyred, but Falgar hasn’t dared ask.

Falgar Stonehearth

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